Walk your way to better travels!

Here at Explore on Foot, we believe there’s a better and more authentic way to travel. All it takes is getting your boots a little dirty with a memorable hut-to-hut or village-to-village walk on some of the world’s most iconic paths. Let us be your guide.

We’re here to help, with a variety of resources for planning and living the trip of a lifetime. Want to know how to pack and train for the trail and how best to book accommodations like mountain huts? Check out Explore Europe on Foot. Want easy-to-follow walking directions and GPX tracks for a few incredible routes? Check out our route guides. Want an expert to personally plan your trip so you don’t have to? We also offer private tours and in the coming months will be launching a variety of self-guided European tours too.

Regardless of how you plan or which trail you choose, you have so much to look forward to with a walking vacation—food, music, wine, people and, of course, incredible walking. Happy hiking and let us know how we can help you on your journey!